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  Eric Breiby(2008-04-09 12:09:42, Hit : 5793, Vote : 964
 2008 - 4 - 8th Greetings from Alaska


Greetings Master Chang and Sang Rok Academy,

I live in Alaska and am interested in Taekwondo, but I cannot fly to Korea due to work and family responsibilities.  Does any here on the forum know if Sang Rok will ever expand to Alaska?

There seem to be hundreds, if not more, of Taekwondo dojangs on the western coastal cities of North America alone.  I am intrigued that some Korean Travel websites mention that Taekwondo is taught differently in the homeland.  I hope to learn more about Taekwondo.

During 2003 to 2005 I was enjoying TKD but work got in the way.  As much as I enjoyed the techniques, I felt an overwhelming pressure to do their monthly belt testing in addition to the monthly tuition-fee, despite wanting to take more time to learn this great Art of Taekwondo.  The website wiki.galbijim said that this is not the case in Korea.  < is this true?  I would like to join a club/gym that did not pressure belt-fees every month in addition to the tuition-fees.  

I enjoyed reading what wiki.galbijim com said about the different teaching aspects of Taekwondo in the homeland.  I look forward to any correspondence.

Eric Breiby

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