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  oussama Hamouche(2009-03-11 00:02:31, Hit : 5392, Vote : 851
 Learn Taekwondo

Dear Sir

My name is Oussama Hamouche i sixteen i am French, I want to come to South Korea to learn Taekwondo for two months in summer knowing that I'm belt yellow i started tkd since 21 days. That is why I chose Sang Rok I will develop with you Master Chang and become good in Taekwondo. I am very motivated and nothing can prevent me from becoming a professional in Taekwondo .I was told that a very good atmosphere prevailing in the club.I would like to have the price for a period of two months and what is included in the course (food, lodging, airfare, transportation ?.....)so plz sir tell me the producessar to get addmition in ur academy.i am very thankfull to u.

PS: I am very good at football ;)
Best regards

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