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  Master Chang(2007-04-03 14:49:12, Hit : 7318, Vote : 1321
 1st Open Taekwondo Nationals Championship in Goa, India

Dear Students

You have been invited to the 1st Open Taekwondo Nationals Championship in Goa, India. The competition is for 3 days on the 18th, 19th & 20th of May 2007.

There will be 4 divisions of the competition that include: Poomsae, Breaking, Creative Poomsae & Sparring.

The entry fee that includes boarding & lodging for 5 days, food for 3 days & entry fee for 4 events is Rs 1400/- for colour belts and Rs.1600/- for black belts. The rules & regulations will be of World Taekwondo Federation.

Every instructor that brings their team will be given a certificate, memento, free boarding & lodging, free food and the students pay Rs.200/- per head per student.

If any instructor brings more than 20 participants for the competition then the team will be given free sight seeing  for either North or South Goa.

The organiser of this competition is one of my students, so if you are interested, let me know because he is willing to help plans things in Goa according to your budget. I will need to know as soon as possible if you are interested.

For more information you can contact Paulo. +91 9822151028, +91 9823207470, +91 0832 2272923. e mail - paulo_killman@yahoo.co.in

Master Chang

6th CHUNCHEON OPEN International Taekwondo Championships 2007
I'm visiting from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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