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  Avner(2005-02-16 06:51:46, Hit : 5412, Vote : 744
 Self Defense in modern Taekwondo

Hi everybody,
I would like to raise the issue of self-defense within modern Taekwondo, and specificly within the SangRok style. Modern Taekwondo tends to neglect this aspect, which was an important part of the art in its earlier years. One can find today blask belts who compete successfully but can hardly defend themselves outside the ring. The weakness of this aspect makes the modern Taekwondo poorer than some of the other martial arts and it can thus offer less to grown-ups who don't compete any more and find less interest in this field. I believe that a regular practice of low kicks, elbow strikes, hand and techniques, and basic take-downs (all of which are part of Taekwondo as is evident in the Poomsae) can add a whole new dimention to Taekwondo training. I think that developing that aspect can enrich Taekwondo and add to its apeal to older practitioners. It maybe good for the SangRok community to lead the way in this direction - developing the self-defence aspect of Taekwondo without giving up any of the other aspects. The job is obviously not easy since drills and working methods have to be introduced and systemised but I think it;s well worth a thought. Developing the self-defense aspect may help to bring Taekwondo back to what it was in the past - a genuine martial art.

I would very much like to hear other opininons about this issue, best, Avner

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Mr. Bolen

  Self Defense in modern Taekwondo  Avner  2005/02/16 5412 744
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