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  Avner(2005-02-17 17:01:58, Hit : 5186, Vote : 782
 systemising SangRok style's self defense

I think that some thougt is needed regarding the way in which different self defense teqchniques should be incorporated into training. I thnk it maybe good for students to get to know basic principles of self-defense and techniques while in the SangRok academy so that we share the same base. Self defense can follow a variety of lines and work by different principles. Does the SangRok style have a saying in this field. How should one apply the basic principles of movement and positioning when fighting outside the ring. I think that just like we have the routine drills for movement, steps, and kicks we should have routine drills which develope self-defense abillities. I can and I do come up with such drills for my students but it seems to me that more systematic thinking is needed here by all senior members of the SangRok community and that actual steps in this direction should be taken.
Waiting for any comments, Avner

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Mr. Bolen

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      systemising SangRok style's self defense  Avner  2005/02/17 5186 782
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