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  Master Chang(2004-10-11 10:18:37, Hit : 5226, Vote : 901
 Regarding The Sangrok World TKD Union

Dear Students,

Recently Master Bolen gave me an idea of forming The Sangrok World Taekwondo Federation.  I told him that he should put the idea on the websites (Q&A Board) and talk with Sangrok family or anyone else interested, then they can take part in the discussion for this.  If many people like the idea then we can make a new Union.  But I think Master Bolen misunderstood that a new Union has been established, The Sangrok World Taekwondo Federation. So now I think that perhaps everybody could put their idea on the websites (Q&A Board) meetings, then all the people can look at these ideas and decide if we need The Sangrok World Taekwondo Federation or not.  I always respect your opinion.

Master Chang

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