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  Henrik S. Hunstad(2004-10-11 20:48:47, Hit : 5422, Vote : 898
 Sangrok Union

Dear Sangrok Family

I heard about the idee of making a Sangrok Union, only a week ago. I must say that I find the idee positive. I was looking forward to some meeting with Master Bolen, Master Chang and others that would be interessted. I'm quite surprised that Master Bolen already has established the union.

There are many things I would like to settle before announceing a established federation /union.

1. The name. In my opinion a better name would be Sangrok Mudo Union. First of all then we could embrace all activities, taekwondo, hapkido haidonggumdo etc. Also I think the world has enough federations, union is more in the Sangrok spirit.
2. Why is this positive for the Sangrok family?
3. What will be the main purpose for making a federation?
4. Shouldn't it be an election for chairman, technical director etc.

I'm very postitive to support any action that can promote Master Chang's Sangrok way. But I have always felt that Sangrok community is something special compared to other organisations/kwans. That's why I feel it's important to include all Sangrok students. I'm quite currious to hear Master Zaldua, Mr. Avner, Jaime and others oppinion.

At least I think the most important voice is Master Chang.

Regards, Master Henrik S. Hunstad

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