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  Rene Adam(2004-10-15 17:27:20, Hit : 6596, Vote : 1115
 [re] The Sang Rok Union

>Dear Rene,
>I tend to agree with most of the things you wrote. However, In my last stay in Korea (August-September) I spent quite a long time in trying to promote SangRok. Various difficulties have made it crucial to try and enlarge the "SangRok family" and get more students to Korea, so that the academy we all cherish could continue to operate. Promoting SangRok, is thus very important for me and that is the main reason I am willing to concider the new suggestion, eventhough, like I said, I have my doubts. If a new organization can actually prmote SangRok, it's worth a thoguth. If it's just another money machine than there ias no need for it.
>Best, Avner.  

Thanks for your reply Avner,

you are right. There aren't so many ways to promote the academy in other countries.

I will think about some ways and publish them here.

As I told you I also thought about building up a german sangrok taekwondo club in Darmstadt, which failed because there weren't enough other trainer in that city to manage all classes. But I  already registered the www.sangrok.de domain in 2002. So I could maybe write a german website to show other german taekwondo students that there is an stayin taekwondo academy in Seoul. This could look like a travel report with some pictures and some expieriences of me. I could also publish an article of a german taekwondo magazine from 2001 (6 pages), which was about Conny and the Sang Rok Academy. If I start building that page I am sure there will be much more ideas to promate the academy.

Give me some time as I am not in my homecity at the moment. I think I will get access to my own pc in about 2 weeks, where I will start to build up that page.


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