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  bolensabum(2004-10-16 03:04:12, Hit : 6259, Vote : 1156
 concerning Sangrok Union

to all Sangrok Family,
                         Now that I have your attention concerning the basis of a union.
(I hated to do it this way, but now everyone that wouldn't normally post opinions has been shaken up alittle)

I know there are many questions and many will be answered over time.

The union idea is only a proposal, for those of you that saw the website, those are only ideas to promote sangrok outside of our family, to bring in new members, a recruiting tool so to speak.
For us, we all have Master Chang-who needs anything else?

evryone one of you who posted has excellent questions,ideas and thoughts. whether positive or negative, it is good to see your concern for keeping sangrok alive and staying true to the sangrok way and master Chang.

again, these are only ideas,open to discussion, everyone is welcome to voice thier thoughts, nothing is set in stone. Master chang would like to get a feel for things,see where evryone is coming from before he makes a decision one way or the other. Nothing has been officially established as of yet.

there is no intention of pulling away from the kukkiwon or any legitimate source (there is no sense in that) only establishing a family style focus group that would offer benefits to members and also help promote to the world the sangrok way.
Maybe some of my ideas were not communicated effectively?
My wish is to grow stronger as a family and share. (i.e. instructors offering training/teaching tips to each other, or business advice etc.)

the idea of a friendship tournament would be to float it to differnt host countries each year, as well as seminars etc. based at the sangrok headquarters in Korea.

my thoughts are if we all get to know each other and work together as a family,a team we can grow together and spread the sangrok way globally. the union aspect would help accomplish this but would also assist in operation maintaence of the Sangrok world taekwondo academy.

This isn't about polotics or money, it's about honor & integrity and doing things the right way. it's about supporting Master Chang, as he has supported us. ultimately it is Master chang's decision. but it is up to us to provide input so he can make a well informed decision.

So, the door is open...everyone is welcome to post there thoughts

About the Union issue
Union, federation... [1]

  concerning Sangrok Union  bolensabum  2004/10/16 6259 1156
      [re] concerning Sangrok Union [1]  Master Chang  2004/10/18 5311 913

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