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  Henrik S. Hunstad(2004-10-14 00:51:38, Hit : 5772, Vote : 1009
 Union, federation...

Dear Sangrok family

I don’t really know where to start....

I’m positive to a union, but I’m negative to a federation. Maybe it’s the same thing, but for me it’s different.  I feel that we have something special in being Sangrok students and students of Grandmaster Chang. In my martial art journey I have found my home in Sangrok.

“Master Bolen:
I think the way the “new” federation has been established is wrong.

1.        I heard about the idea, and told you I liked the idea, and looked forward to talk further about this when we where supposed to meet in Korea in May.  Maybe it’s just misunderstanding, but I feel it’s quite strange to go a head and establish a federation with the Sangrok name, before all of the Sangrok community had talked about it. At least I would not think it’s right before Grandmaster Chang had given green light.

2.        Belt certification…. Who is supposed to certify who. All black belts in Norway are tested and certified by Grandmaster Chang, and get their Kukkiwon certificate. I can’t see if this isn’t enough. Grandmaster Chang has tested me to 5th dan, this is all the certification I need.

3.        For me Sangrok kwan is Grandmaster Chang and visa versa! And the most important for me is that the home of Grandmaster Chang and the Sangrok gym in Seoul will be there for ever. This is why I was positive to a union, but I was not thinking of a new commercialized federation.”

I think I have managed to give my view of this case, and will talk more about it with Grandmaster Chang, when he’ll be in Norway for the Sangrok Mudo Festival. I can only talk for Sangrok Norway, but my decision will only be in agreement with my master, Grandmaster Chang.

I hope my views and meanings hasn’t offended any body. If it has, I apologize.

Sangrok Norway
Master Henrik S.Hunstad

concerning Sangrok Union
Reagrding master Bolen's suggestion [2]

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