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  Master Chang(2005-01-08 14:28:29, Hit : 4915, Vote : 819
 [re] Reply for Cherie G

Dear Cherie G:

I have to state clear that I have never offer Mr. Bolen any kind of certifications, I have only offered two of his students my academy's rank.

I want to tell you a story about Taekwondo, before the Kukkiwon was established, there were several branches of Taekwondo in Korea(also called Kwans); they all have their own regulations, time limit for Dan promotions. One day, all the representatives of the each Kwans came together (except one Kwan which became ITF), they wanted to co-operate each other and set a united regulation for worldwide TKD development. So the Kukkiwon was finally established, because of this reason.

Due to the establishment of the Kukkiwon, a united system and regulation for all WTF Taekwondo practitioners was born. According to the Kukkiwon, the only certification is recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation is the Kukkiwon black belt certificates, any other certificates are not recognized by the Kukkiwon and WTF. The reason for this is the Kukkiwon wanted to spread Taekwondo worldwide, they wanted to conduct Seminars, courses and world level tournaments for WTF Taekwondo practitioners only.

I have no intention to against or betray the Kukkiwon, the reason for me to offer students certificates of my academy is very personal; if students really wanted to know my opinion and judgement about their standard, why should I reject them? My academy rank is something that I wish to offer my students personally, and it is a prove of my words.

Until now, some founder Kwans still offering their own black belt certificates? Also there are so many (more than thousands) new established Taekwondo organizations are doing the same.

Master Chang

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