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  whalen(2005-01-22 02:11:27, Hit : 11108, Vote : 959
 [re] Grandmaster Chang

Miss cherie.

I would first like to introduce myself my name is Harold Whalen I am a proud member of the Korea Hapkido Federation and have been in the martial arts since 1967. (most likely before you were born).

It is not my place to post on a website or board that I do not belong to or am I a member of their fine Dojang.  This letter is not meant to disrespect there dojang or the Reputation Of Master Chang he is indeed a Master and deserves respect.

I am sure if Master Chang wishes he could verify who I am all he has to do is contact Grandmaster Won,kil Soo of the Paju area My master and instructor and friend of 28 years. And a member of chungdokwan

In your argument and attacks against Scott Bolen You also made attacks and accusations about the intent and policy of the KHF i wish to clarify a few things so EVERYONE is aware or on the same page.

When the KHF had held the event you mentioned in Florida you stated or insinuated something was not right and rank was being given or sold for a price ?

You are mistaken , misinformed or just attacking in anger But either way you are incorrect.

  The event was in Oct. of 2003 Well a lot of things were not clear at that event due to either the language barrier and other issues that have been and are being resolved . Several people were at this event that requested to be tested for Hapkido ranking some were not Hapkido but jiujutsu and other arts that thought they could pass them selves off as Hapkido and fortunately for the KHF, and unfortunately for those that tried to sneak in they were caught.

The instructors taught techniques of the KHF and to make sure All of those  that were and claiming to be Hapkido
were indeed Hapkido it did not take long to figure it out that some did not know how to fall, or what they were doing was video learned , this was also apparent to those real Hapkidoin that were there.

The host of the event did not forward the testing fees to the KHF but instead pocketed the money and tried to issue bogus certificates for rank.

He has since been expelled and most of the wrongs of this event and the people that were mislead were assisted .
since the KHF had no written record of whom tested for what since nothing had been forwarded it was A FEILD DAY for those of questionable character .

I had been asked by the the international Director of the KHF to figure out "who was who and who was not" It was surprising how several tried to bypass me and tell Korea Do you remember me I am a 6th dan and try to obtain the correct papers the KHF would not buy it. And they were told to contact me and i would test them after I verified the were indeed what they claimed.  And I did contact everyone i knew to make sure the right people were promoted if it was deserved. I also contacted several of my Hapkido brothers that were there and was told who was trying to fool who. these names were forwarded to me and I also shared them with other hapkido leaders across the country to make them aware of these individuals.

Mr Bolen was also given this opportunity and chose a different path this is not to say his Hapkido is good or bad it is not up to me to judge until I am asked to do so. the question is unless someone is hiding something they are proud or more than willing to share whom they trained with.

As far as displaying certificates on your website .It is very easy to then download them and you now have real papers, The best way is to request to see their I.D card from the KHF it is green and in my wallet.

One last thing A certificate issued from a kwan or dojang in the KHF is recognized in The Dojang only......

It holds no water with the KHF what so ever or anyone knowing what it is .


Hal Whalen

7th Dan KHF
Hapkido Chun-Do Kwan

Final statement
To Mr. Bolen again

    Grandmaster Chang  Cherie G  2005/01/19 5708 870
    [re] Grandmaster Chang  whalen  2005/01/22 11108 959

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