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  Master Bolen(2004-07-29 23:28:46, Hit : 4706, Vote : 839

                       Nice website! I like very much, although a photo/ video gallery would be nice to see as well.

This is an open invitation to all Sangrok practitioners> april/may 2005 Master Chang will be hosting an International Friendship tournament, where all Sangrok Taekwondo members are invited to compete for fun and meet and make new friends in the Sangrok family,I hope everyone in the Sangrok community will support this event, as it could grow into something quite spectacular!

In the USA we are strongly promoting the Sangrok Taekwondo and Grandmaster Chang, it is my wish that we can all work together as an international team to fully support Sangrok and Grandmaster Chang, affording them both the quality recognition they deserve.

Please join me in this awesome endeavor to make Sangrok Taekwondo a true universal system.
There are many great opprotunities ahead!

Last May, Grandmaster Chang performed Taeguk poomse Il Jang through Pal Jang, as well as Black belt forms Koryo through taebek, We were lucky enough to bear witness to this awesome demonstration of power,grace and fluidity, we were also lucky enough to capture this all on video and would like to make this rare opprotunity available to the Sangrok Community With Grandmaster Chang'S permission of course.

If you have any questions, please contact me, I welcome the opprotunity to meet fellow Sangrok.

        Sangrok Taekwondo USA
        Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts LLC
        303 E. Day rd. #2
        Mishawaka , Indiana USA 46545

april/may Seminar-Master Bolen
From Master Chang [1]

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