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  Ms. Cherie G.(2005-01-26 05:04:59, Hit : 10380, Vote : 1065
 Grandmaster Chang

Grandmaster Chang,

The following information about Scott and Laura Bolen and the other instructors of Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts, LLc., was presented to the representatives of Hong's USA Taekwondo.  The attorneys for Hong's USA Taekwondo recommend that anybody that is affiliated with Scott Bolen will have legal actions brought against them because the atorneys state that these peole or organizations are just like Scott Bolen.

Scott bolen is accusing people of defaming his character, his wife, his Tiger & Dragon School, and The Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy.  He is saying that these peole are telling lies about him by "slinging mud and garbage" on the Sangrok Taekwondo Academy's, Grandmaster Chang Seong-Dong owner, website's Q&A Bulletin Board.  He is also accusing thes people of being misguided puppets that cannot think for themselves.  He says that he is better than them because he is "above taking chep shots and destroying people's credibility by playing games".  Scott Andrew Bolen is running scared because he is getting closer to be put out of business for good.  he is claiming now that he is a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo.  He use to claim that he was 5th or 6th degree black belt.  Why are you changing your story again Scott Bolen?  are you thinking that by lowering your rank that we will back off?  You are sadly mistaken and you are the misguided one.

Scott Bolen and his school have claimed to be members of affilaited with the following organizations, and hold rank in them: Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Korea Hapkido Fderation, ChunKyumKwan Hapkido, Korea Martial Arts Associaiton, International Taekwondo and Budo Sports Fderation, World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Academy, International Christian Martial Arts Network, United States Christian Martial Arts Union, World Musool Federation, World Masters Society, International Korean Martial Arts Instrucotrs Union, International Korean Masters society, world Mudo Association, sumudo, World Hapkido Association, Moosoolwon, WorldMusool Federation, Kunmudo, Shinhwarang, Gumsarang, World Haidong Gumdo Fderation,Hwalmoodo, Bulmoodo, Sunkwanmoo.  He may belong to the Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, but Scott Bolen does not have experience or holds rank in the rest.

You and your wife know who Hong's USA Taekwondo is.  You have been given copies of documentation from the Universal Taewkondo Union, Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Fderation and Jidokwan Korea proving this.  scott bolen is accusing that Kukiwon does not recognize Hong's USA Taekwondo in any way.  Hong's USA Taekwondo is being visited by Kukkiwon Secretary-General, Grandmaster Chul-oh Kim from March 30th through April 5th, 2005 to set up a Certified referee seminar.  Grandmaster Chul-oh Kim says that 80% of the people belonging to Kukkiwon knows Hong's USA Taekwondos' credentials to be reputable and not made up like Scott Bolen.  Secretary-General Kim would like to know who promoted Scott bolen and what Kukkiwon ID number was assigned to him.  Kukkiwon will investigate scott bolen.  Please publish your Kukkiwon ID number Scott because we are going to post so everyone can see it.  Kukiwon SEcretary-General Chul-Oh Kim is going to look at the Bulletin Board copy of scott Bolen's statement that we have.  Scott bolen said he had a certified taekwondo license.  He never trained in the Kukiwon Center in Seoul, South Korea.  Hong's USA taekwondo has received verification also from a Mr. Kim, Beong-Sung, who is the Kukkiwon Committee Manager of the black Belt Certification Division.  Mr. Kim, Beong-Sung stated to us in a letter that Scoot Adnrew Bolen is not registered in Kukiwon.  Anyone interested in reading the document that we have received from Mr. Kim, Beong-Sung, please post your fax number and we will fax to anybody to prove saying Scott Bolen is not 4th, 5th, or 6th degree black belt.

Scott Bolen is repeating the same things over and over that he put on a rip-off report website bulleting borad about Hong's USA Taekwondo that the school's attorney,Mr. D, took Scott and Laura Bolen to court for defamation of character.  Hong's USA Taekwondo promises that we will sue them and again post the new case number.  scott bolen is accusing Hong's USA taekwondo of being best friends witht he judge who decided the case.  He is stating that the judge is under investigation because of issuing Hong's USA Taekwondo this favor.  Hong's USA Taekwondo never went to the court and meet the judge in question.  The award of $50,000 dollars was given to Hong's USA Taekwondo because Scott and Laura Bolen never appeared in court for the hearing.  scott bolen is claiming that he never received the court summons to appear.  If he is not going to show in court, Hong's USA taekwondo attorney stated in the summons to put Scott bolen in jail because he is ignoring the judge's order to appear.  The same date and time that scott bolen was to appear in court, Laura Bolen told the Judge that she was handicapped because of knee problems.  She stated that her and her husband Scott could not sleep at night because Hong's USA Taekwondo was threatening them.  Scott Bolen has invited us to his school to see his proof; however, anytime that someone from Hong's USA Taekwondo tried to visit the Tiger & Dragon School to verify scott bolen certifications, they would turn or the lights and lock the doors to try to pretend that they were closed.  Scott Bolen mentioned that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is looking into Mr. Harris, an instructor, as a child molester.  This is very serious.  Scott bolen is going back on his own words when he accuses someone like this.  He is the one slandering peolpe and throwing mud at other people's good names.

When she appeeared in court for the hearing, Laura bolen walked in on crutches wearing shoes with high heels.  the judge didn't buy her story because Hong's USA taekwondo brough documentation from what they were awarded in the other case from the Bolens.  The judge said that Hong's USA Taekwondo did everything the legal, gentleman way.  The judge  dismissed Laura and Scott Bolen's case against Hong's USA Taekwondo.  hong's USA Taekwondo members are not violent people.  If someone doesn't believe this, we can produce documentation from attorney D.S., who represented Hong's USA Taekwondo at the time.  Why sould we keep repeating ourselves?  We are doing things the legal way.  we will take the Bolens to court again and win because Scott Bolen will is ignoring judges order by making negative statements on the Sangork World Taekwondo Academy's website.  The attorney for Hong's USA Taekwondo, Mr. D, will request thta Scott bolen will bring proof of his doucmentation of rank and Instructor's license in front of the judge.  Hong's USA Taekwondo will take all of their documentation from World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon, and others again in front of the judge, to show that Hong's USA Taekwondo doesn't lie.  Be ready Scott and Laura Bolen.  Eventuall the truh will narrow down on your lies.  The truth will aways win.  Never forget it.  Grand Master Chang, you told us to forget the past and only consider working on the future.  Someone's past is very important in telling what kind of character that person has.  Without good strong roots, flowers will never grow.  a plant with fungus on its roots will always be a rotting plant.  You need to cut it out.  This will be the 2nd time that Hong's Usa Taaekwondo has taken Scott Bolen to court.  Eventually he will be caught.  Our attorney will show the statements that scott Bolen has made on the bulletin board to the judge.  Wahtever you say, Scott Bolen, the jduge will hear.  so be ready.  This is a very serious matter.


Miss Cherie G.

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  Grandmaster Chang  Ms. Cherie G.  2005/01/26 10380 1065
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