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  Henrik S. Hunstad(2005-01-30 06:23:51, Hit : 5858, Vote : 821
 Re opening of Sangrok Norway

The Sangrok gym in Norway had it's 10th aniversery in November. Since we started more and more students have signed up.

This weekend we are knocking down a wall so that the gym will be 100m2 larger. The Sangrok gym in Norway are now the largest gym in Norway. I will post some pictures as soon as the gym are ready.

We are also in the proses of making new website for Sangrok Norway. Please visit us at www.sangrok.no.

Master Henrik, Sangrok Norway.

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Grandmaster Chang

  Re opening of Sangrok Norway [2]  Henrik S. Hunstad  2005/01/30 5858 821
      [re] Re opening of Sangrok Norway  Avner WIshnitzer  2005/02/07 5675 826

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