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  Avner(2005-03-18 03:35:48, Hit : 4958, Vote : 859
 [re] Self Defense in Modern TKD

Dear Jeff,
The one step kiyurugi and hoshinsul techniques that are found in the various editions of Kukkiwon textbooks are fine of course. The problems lies with their neglect by Taekwondo practioners, teachers and masters. A Hoshinsul technque which include say, an elbow strike, a lever and a take down, require specific practice of each of these componets for the whole technique to be performed properly. Thus, even if we take the Hoshisul and one step kiyurugi as a framework, we still need drills and methods to develope the most basic skills on which this framework is based.
As for deviating from the pioneers: firstly I believe that just like any other thing in life, ideas and concepts within the field of martial arts should always be examined and reexamined. Nothing should be taken for granted. You probably know Bruce Lee's ideas on these issues. Secondly, I suggest biulding a corriculum that will be in accordance with the teachings of those "pioneers". In any cas, more discussion is definitly needed

Best, Avner

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