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  Harry Heneage(2005-06-20 22:42:10, Hit : 4699, Vote : 828
 Congratulations Master Chang...

Wow 9th Dan, well done Master Chang, although I knew that it makes no difference to how good you are it is still an impressive achievement. It shows reconognition to your life times dedication. Reading what is on the board it sounds like interesting things are happening. Avners idea about a training video is truely a great idea. I remember how my jaw dropped every time I saw you do Poomsae and I think it would be a great thing to share that with the world. It is the most encouraging thing in the world to see the way you move. It is an inspiration to watch and I know  that Sang Rok students would agree.

I hope that I will see you some time in the near future. I am currently in Spain learning Spanish for the summer and have joined a club here. I will tell you all about the spanish style after a month or two.

Regards and Good luck Harry

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