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  Henrik S. Hunstad(2004-11-30 03:15:33, Hit : 4531, Vote : 718
 article about Sangrok Seminar

Here's the article I written about the seminar in Norway. I'll send this article to various Taekwondo magazines and sites. Sangrok Mudo Festival in Norway Sangrok Mudo Norway is affiliated with Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy in Seoul, Korea, which is directed and founded by Grandmaster Chang Seong Dong, 8.dan. Grandmaster Chang made a visit to the Sangrok Mudo Camp, organised by Sangrok Norway on November 19-21 2004. In addition to Grandmaster Chang, Master Henrik S. Hunstad: 5.dan in Taekwondo; 2. dan Hapkido; the director of Sangrok Norway; and student of Grandmaster Chang, also held classes. Continuous classes were being held in both Taekwondo and Hapkido throughout the weekend. Most of the participants were from Norway, but some came all the way from Sweden and England. The intensity level was high and despite blatant exhaustion, all the students felt invigorated. With over 40 years of experience, Grandmaster Chang has a lot to teach in both poomse and sparring. A dan test was held on Saturday where 18 students tested for their 1.dan and 4 students tested for their 2.dan. In the evening, Sangrok Norway celebrated Master Hunstad’s 10 years of teaching in a school of his own. Korean food, Norebang/ Karaoke and dancing were all ingredients of the successful party.   After the stay in Norway, Grandmaster Chang travelled on to England for another seminar before returning home to Seoul where he runs the Korean Sangrok Gym. Here, students can live in dormitory rooms and train in the spacious dojang on the 3rd floor. A stay with Master Chang at the Sangrok Gym in Korea offers foreigners an excellent opportunity to study Taekwondo in its country of origin, as well as a unique experience of Korean culture. Many of the Sangrok students have already been to Korea several times. Sincerely, Master Henrik

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