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Writer   Master Chang
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Subject   The article in the newspaper "Le Progrs", in Lyon, France(Ali & Dominique & Boble)
The article in the newspaper "Le Progrs", in Lyon, France(Ali & Dominique & Boble)

"I wanted to translate the name of Ali, Bobl and Carole, what we thought of this event."

A great master of Taekwondo in Marcy:
Master Chang, 9 dan, is one of the 15 greatest Masters of Taekwondo, which travels the world to pass on his art.
In South Africa, Norway, India and Mexico, all practitioners who have been fortunate to cross his path, will never forget this extraordinary man and his novel way of teaching Taekwondo with his famous technique "stepping", which allows automatic gain a mastery of techniques, self-control, essential for good practice
On March 12, students Naja Taekwondo Club had the unique opportunity to share an unforgettable moment: live training in Taekwondo with Master Chang, who taught that day, know almost a hundred practitioners: children , teens, adults, 5 to 60, usually driven by Ali Guennouni, 5th dan, who at present had the honor to attend Master Chang.
Master Chang has occasionally in France, and Lyon, at the request of teachers of Taekwondo Lyon who had the chance to train with him to Seoul. This is the case of Ali GUENNOUNI that since his recent trip to Korea, had only one wish: to make known to his students, teaching a great teacher ... And if the small club of Marcy has been the scene of this event, it is thanks to its commitment to assisting its arrival.
Beyond his expertise and energy, the human dimension of Master Chang Taekwondo gives a specific meaning: that the return to human values, a bit like a homecoming.
Dominique Chambas
Vice President of Naja club. "

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