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Master Henrik S. Hunstad

The SANGROK gym has become like a second home for me. I'm very privileged to have experienced the training and the spirit of SANGROK. The way Master Chang has taught me, has given me an opportunity to learn high quality Taekwondo. SANGROK represent not only taekwondo to me, but also the best part of Korean culture. I feel honored to call Master Chang my master and friend. Anyone that wants to experience Korean culture at it's best and wishes to train the best Taekwondo, should visit the SANGROK World Taekwondo Academy. The way of Master Chang's taekwondo teaching is a blend of traditional taekwondo and Olympic taekwondo. If you are a beginner, an instructor, competitioner etc, SANGROK gym and Master Chang has something to teach everyone.


Master Henrik S. Hunstad,
International Master Instructor, 6th Dan
Director of SANGROK Norway.

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  Master Chang(2010-04-03 17:41:25, Hit : 3308, Vote : 523
 [re] at my age...

Dear Romeo,

Its nice to know that you are planning such perfect to train in my gym. I am sure I can help you fulfilling this wish.

Don;t worry about whether your age is good enough or not; I have many students who came as a old. Please remember that the door of Sangrok gym is open to anyone who loves Taekwondo. Its my job to bring a student to a good standard.

Just double confirm with me, when you have finally finalized your schedule.

Master Chang

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