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Some Words from Master Changs Pupils
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Master Henrik S. Hunstad

The SANGROK gym has become like a second home for me. I'm very privileged to have experienced the training and the spirit of SANGROK. The way Master Chang has taught me, has given me an opportunity to learn high quality Taekwondo. SANGROK represent not only taekwondo to me, but also the best part of Korean culture. I feel honored to call Master Chang my master and friend. Anyone that wants to experience Korean culture at it's best and wishes to train the best Taekwondo, should visit the SANGROK World Taekwondo Academy. The way of Master Chang's taekwondo teaching is a blend of traditional taekwondo and Olympic taekwondo. If you are a beginner, an instructor, competitioner etc, SANGROK gym and Master Chang has something to teach everyone.


Master Henrik S. Hunstad,
International Master Instructor, 6th Dan
Director of SANGROK Norway.

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  Vasillios(2008-07-21 18:13:05, Hit : 5160, Vote : 1068
 DSCN5609.JPG (75.9 KB), Download : 77
 DSCN5656.JPG (94.2 KB), Download : 77
 Your kindness and hospitality will stay at our heart for ever

Hello Master,

Sorry for the delay, but it also very hot also at Greece. It is summertime. All they're going for holidays and swimming. So I try to finished any kind of job and to leave for holidays also.

Thank you for one more time , for all and everything you offer us. Your kindness and hospitality will stay at our heart for ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope my small gifts will be over there next week.

Please tell also thank you and Adam for their help and his kindness for the Greek boys.

I hope to meet you again as soon as possible for the next Makgolli championship.

Best Regards
Vasillios from Greece

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