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Petteri and his student from Finland visited..

Recently, Adrian Spellen visited at Sangrok again..

Jason Sigler from USA come back to train at Sangrok after 3 years

Misha Mukhin visited at Sangrok

Yujwinder Choudhry from India stay at Sangrok

we had the football semifinal match...

we had football match in our area

Nadir's club, Lyon, France

invitation of Naja's club, Lyon, France'2011

a beautiful city in Lyon, France'2011

supper! the evening meal...Boble's wife is great at cooking...

after train Naja club in Lyon, France' 2011

after train Yona's club in Lyon, France' 2011

Master Henrk got an award from the 65th Jidokwan anniversary..

the 65th Jidokwan anniversary party with Master Henrk & his family

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