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Hi Or, Congratulations on your new baby girl. I hope she grows up to be a happy and healthy lady. Master Chang

Vishal Singh & Darshan Jita from India staying at Sangrok..

He strained to reach his goal.

Aviv Emanuel from Israel running the Han River half course marathon

I took this beautiful flower from Norway, please let me know, if anyone knows name of the flower..

There is also an englisch word which is very simular to the norwegian one. It's Syringa.

live in comfort

the sights of the city, Oslo, Norway.. live be well..

the sights of the city, Oslo, Norway..

Mr Ketil Harehjeld뭩 a kitchen꿌 enjoyed drank the wine..

During the seminar, a break time talk personally...

The belt celebratory in the summer camp..

The MUDO black belt test in the summer camp..

Master Henrik and Sangrok students participate in the summer camp in Norway.

Santosh from Mumbai, India and he was 13 years old first visited at Sangrok, and then he is 38 years old now.

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